Sno Tek Snow Blower Reviews

Winter is not always about the festivities and good times that you share with friends or family. It’s also about being fully prepared with the hassles associated with snow weather. What does this mean exactly?

It means that you have to be prepared for issues such as thick snow that might collect in your backyard or driveway. Solutions such as shoveling or a professional contractor company are not always reasonable at this point.

Thus, we recommend that you start with the Snotek Snowblower review to help you make an informed decision. The Snotek is a popular brand with several types of unique snowblower models you should consider.

This guide shall be looking at what you can expect when you have a Snotek Two-Stage Snowblower. The guide will also be going in-depth into the key factors to consider before you buy a suitable snowblower for your needs.

Let us get started:

History of the Snotek Brand 

The Ariens brand dates as far back as 1933, with their first product being a rototiller. Over the years, the brand increased in popularity thanks to its high-quality products. In fact, in 1945, the company was recognized for its efforts in making products that would help in WWII. By 1960, the company had manufactured its first snowblower.

Today, their products are popular for being dependable, and you will benefit highly when you have one of these units in your hands. The Snotek Two-stage snowblower model is among their top range products and it’s easy to see why its always unavailable. Consumers really like it, and we shall take a look at some of these reasons below.

Why We Liked This Two-Stage Snowblower

Designed to be a heavy-duty and reliable machine, the two-stage Snotek snowblower is an excellent and powerful machine. It’s easy to use, and the powerful 208cc engine produces more than enough power to pull through thick snow. Furthermore, the snowblower has a convenient gear system, which you can use to control the machine’s movement with ease. Plus, we also liked that the chute can turn 205° to provide the snow’s perfect release angle. This unit’s other key feature is that it’s easy to start, thanks to a convenient electronic start mechanism.

What Do Other Users Have to Say?

Just as you would expect, consumers had rave reviews about this particular snowblower. Most of them are pleased with the powerful engine and heavy-duty design of this unit. Furthermore, most consumers are also impressed with the quick turn chute, and the convenient electronic start mechanism. For instance, look at what Doug Turner had to say on Amazon:

What a wonderful machine. You have to replace the oil and spark plugs at some point, but these are minor perks – considering as reliable this machine can become. I really loved the powerful engine, and this unit still produces relatively low noise of sound. The engine is also exceptionally efficient, and I am looking forward to the next winter season with confidence. No more shoveling back aches or time-wasting professionals for me, thanks to this snowblower. Great buy guys!

Features Of Snotek Snow Blower:

Powerful 208cc engine

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this unit would be the powerful 208cc engine. The engine is highly efficient and convenient to use when removing thick snow. Even more, it’s resistant to overheating issues, and you can use it for several hours without any compromise in performance. While this unit has a powerful 208cc engine, it’s reliable without adding any unnecessary weight to the Snowblower structure. Plus, the engine is energy efficient, and a few liters of gas should provide more than sufficient power to clear the driveway and backyard.

Heavy Auger and Blade Impeller

These are two crucial components when it comes to the removal of snow. Why? They help to break down snow and direct it to the chute for removal. Thus, the Snotek brand has done well to include a heavy-duty auger and blade impeller for convenient use. To be specific, the snowblower features 11-inch serrated steel augers, which is powerful enough to move this unit through thick snow. It’s rare for this “beast” to get stuck in the snow thanks to these components’ heavy-duty design. The snowblower comes with a 12 inch and three-blade impeller that provides optimal driving power to remove snow.

40-Ft Throwing Distance

Capable of throwing snow well over 40ft away, this two-stage snowblower is indeed a highly convenient machine. It’s perfect for removing snow from the driveway or backyard with outstanding levels of efficiency. Once you pass through a specific area, you should expect it to be read for your car or kids to move through.

The snowblower comes with a 205° quick turn chute to support this mechanism, which is highly convenient to use. The chute on this unit is unique, unlike most types you have come across on the consumer market. Why? The chute has a remote deflector that makes it easy to direct the snow where you want it to go.

Polack Track Tires and Heavy-Duty Construction

The quality of tires on your chosen snowblower is also a crucial factor to consider. Good tires will make it easy to move through the snow, especially if it’s mixed with some soil or other debris forms. Thus, this is why the Two-Stage Snowblower comes with powerful polack tires. The tires come with a convenient pick lock axle, which is ideal for maintaining traction in slippery conditions. Regardless of whether it’s slippery or slushy snow, you have a highly stable snowblower for the upcoming season.

To take things further, this unit has a heavy-duty design which makes it stable on most surfaces and durable as well. The only issue is that it would be great if you would keep it covered to avoid exposing it to elements such as dirt or dust.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty 11-In serrated steel auger and a 12-in three-blade impeller

  • Can provide an exceptional 40ft throwing distance

  • The 2-stage design makes it ideal for working on large jobs or unpaved surfaces

  • Has polar track tires that have a pin axle for optimal traction

  • Powerful engine that produces a small amount of noise when in use

  • The rust-resistant exterior ensures longevity and all-weather usability

  • Has a heavy duty design which ensures longevity and reliable performance

  • It also has a push-button electronic start for ease of use


  • You have to replace the oil and spark plug at some point

  • Heavy to carry and is best to move with its wheels only

Buying the Best Snowblower 

Pain in the back? Blisters on the hands? Developing allergies from the time spent in the snow? No more hassles for you during the winter season when you have the Snotek Snowblower. It’s a solution that will make your winter season highly convenient. How does one buy a good snowblower?

Well, there are several key factors that you have to consider to ensure the best results. These include your space’s size, the frequency of use, the amount of snow experienced in your area, and more.

How to Start a Snowblower

These are machines that are available in many types and with many different features. Taking these factors into account is important when it comes to snow removal procedures. The steps involved in starting your snowblower depends on various factors. The machine could be a gas, recoil, or electric start mechanism. In this case, the best solution is to adhere to the specific instructions of your chosen snowblower brand.

Troubleshooting a Snowblower 

When you are up early in the morning, and your snowblower fails, you can consider a few suggestions:

  • Ensure the fuel shut off mechanism sits on the on position, and that you have sufficient fuel as well. Plus, ensure that you replace the oil in the snowblower at the right time.

  • If the snowblower comes with a throttle, ensure you customize the speed to suit the removal process

  • Turn on the choke when you have to start the machine in the cold. It helps stop air intake during the starting process.

  • Remember to check the spark plug when you perform maintenance on the machine. Spark plugs have a relatively short lifespan, and a bad one might compromise the performance of the machine. If it’s damaged, wipe or clean it several times, and then re-install back in the machine.

  • If the snowblower sits unused for a long duration, check to ensure the carburetor’s fuel has not gone stale.

Note: If the troubleshooting techniques recommended above fail, then try and consult with a professional repair service.

Types of Snow Blowers

There are many types of snowblowers, each with its unique benefits and perks. They include:

  • Single-stage snow blowers are compact and simple to use. They are ideal for clearing small areas that experience low levels of snow. Expect a two-stage snowblower to feature an auger, which sends snow out through a discharge chute structure. Even if the wheels don’t get power from the engine, the auger touches the surfaces, propelling the snowblower forward. Due to the auger’s unique structure, you will find these units best to use on paved surfaces that won’t make contact with gravel or stones.

  • Corded electric single-stage snow blowers are easy to start with a “push button” mechanism and require low maintenance levels compared to the gas types. Also, expect them to be more compact than the gas types, but might require an extension cord. For more safety information, check out this guide Power Cord Safety Tips.

  • Cordless electric single stage snowblowers are also compact and feature robust batteries. They can also be powered through a cord and come with a push-button start mechanism.

  • Gas single-stage snowblowers are easy to move around and don’t require the use of a power cord. They use gas for energy and require regular maintenance. Expect to replace oil and spark plug regularly. They have excellent clearing widths and superior intake heights when compared to the electric types.

  • Two-stage snowblowers are gas units that are perfect for use in places that experience high levels of snow. Also, these types are powerful and ideal for clearing large spaces. They often have engine-driven wheels, which are easy to handle even in contoured terrains. It’s a machine that features an auger that collects snow and an impeller fan that directs snow out through the chute. It’s a two-stage procedure, which is highly convenient. Some types are available with anti-skid shoes, for enhanced performance.

  • Three-stage snowblowers are the types that can remove large amounts of snow fast. They function in the same way as the two-stage types but expect a mechanism referred to as an accelerator. It works way faster and efficiently than the two-stage types, thanks to this mechanism.

Snotek Snowblower Review: Final Thoughts

Owning convenient resources for your home is always a great thing. The only challenge is getting the right information when you want to shop for products. Thus, this is why our guide has been all about the Snotek Snowblower review. A reliable product brand, you can always expect high-quality products with each investment. Before buying a snowblower, try and carry out some basic research – because there is more to snowblowers that meets the eye. Get a good snowblower and look forward to the winter season with confidence.