How to clean snow in driveway

Living in winter prone areas Is not always about enjoying the snow, cold weather or perhaps the festive season. It’s also often a time of the year when we have to think about reasonable solutions for gaining access to our properties. Yes, that`s right. How many times have you woken up to an impassable driveway or lawn due to excessive snow? More often than not, right? Well, there are various useful options for you to consider.

One might ask, “what is the best way to remove snow from a driveway?” Well, there are various useful techniques you can consider. From the old utilitarian tools such as snow shovels to advanced machinery such as snow tillers, the options are needless. By adhering to a few simple snow removal tips and suggestions, you should have the peace of mind to enjoy the winter weather minus the hassles of impassable driveways or patios.

If you have issues such as back problems or you are perhaps elderly, then solutions such as snowblowers might be perfect for you. But, if you are healthy and have a small place to clear, there are a few arguments to make on behalf of a snow shovel:

  • It’s a cost affordable snow removal solution

  • Using a shovel is a form of physical activity, and you can benefit from the burnt calories and cardiovascular exercise it offers

  • Not to mention, it’s a great way to use up some free time

Safety When Shoveling

There are two common issues associated with most snow shovelling activities, which are back problems and frostbite. Also, there are various other complications associated with snow removal. To achieve the best snow removal results, consider the following:

  • Start by stretching the body. You never know that amount of work you will have to perform during the removal process. Thus, get the body ready and in shape for the physical activity.

  • Once you start removing the snow, use the legs to maintain an upright posture, and avowing placing excessive stress on the back.

  • Avoid wearing items such as headphones or operating smartphones when working on the snow. It would be great to keep all your attention focused on the snow removal process.

  • Continuous snow shovelling can put you at risk if your body is not in top condition. Ensure that your body is in optimal shape before performing a removal process.

At a more fundamental level, you should also consider the following:

  • First, are you in any condition to be shovelling? Do you have a long history of heart or physical health complications?

  • Be careful when you shovel snow in areas where you have driveways and lawn edges intersection. Any oncoming vehicles can skid out of control if you don’t pay attention to the traffic.

  • Another common issue is losing your footing in icy conditions. Ensure that you are in excellent physical shape and that you put on the correct footwear.


For comfort, consider using several layers of clothing as part of your dress code. This will help protect the lower extremities of the body from any cold. Once you start removing snow, you will notice yourself working up a good sweat. Thus, be prepared to remove one layer off for comfort.

Most heat escapes through the head than any other section of the body. This is why you need to put on warm winter hats when the temperatures are low. More so, also consider keeping your hands and feet warm at all times. Nothing feels worse, that wet feet or hands as you work to remove snow from your driveway.

For this purpose, consider getting a pair of boots. Most people say that their hands stay warm when they put on mittens, which are better than gloves. The mittens, place the hands close together, thus reducing heat loss. It also helps improve your grip on the snow handle, due to the dexterity it offers. If you don’t want a pair of mittens, then consider a pair of gloves with well-insulated interiors.


Being able to use up resources effectively is vital when shovelling snow. The first factor to consider is when you are still at your house. Apply some cooking oil on the shovel blade, to remove how the snow slips onto the secondary surface. Another useful alternative would be to apply some wax on the blade.

  • Here are various other efficient tricks for you to consider when shovelling snow. They include:

  • Never drive or walk over the snow before you start the shovelling process. This might pack down the snow, and make it challenging to scoop.

  • Never remove snow, in places where the driveway connects to the street. This is because the ploughs might easily push the snow into your driveway during the shovelling process. Thus, it might be frustrating to think that the process is complete and don’t need to perform any removal after the next storm.

  • When you remove snow, toss it at a convenient location. Also, ensure that you never throw the snow in areas that are in the way, because this can compromise the quality of the surface.

As far as removing winter`s precipitation from your driveway goes, an unexpected issue you might come across late in the winter is puddling. As all of the snow melts, there is no other surface for the run-off water to flow. Worse yet, if the freezing weather persists, then the puzzle might freeze into dangerous ice.

Tips When Using SnowBlower

Using a snowblower is also an excellent method for snow removal. There are various reliable brands such as the Snow Joe SJ623E and the Greenworks 20-Inch Snow Thrower 2600502. When using a snowblower, consider the following tips:

  • Wear the conventional snow gear when using a snowblower.

  • If it’s a gas-powered engine, check the fuel tank or LCD before each removal session

  • Store the snowblower in a cool and dry place

  • If it is battery-powered, check the battery before each time you use the machine


Being prepared for the winter season is one of the best things for you to remember. You have to get the correct tools, and make decisions so that driveway is accessible regardless of the winter snow. The options are endless. You have shovels, snow blowers, snow ploughs and more. These are all convenient and affordable options for anyone to use at home. The shovels are best for people with small yards or driveways.

The snowblowers are ideal for people with large driveways, physical issues or commercial companies. Get a suitable solution and keep your garden free of snow this coming winter season.