Cub Cadet 524 SWE Review

Winter is a season with two dynamic facets: the first is a picturesque environment, with snow and the festive season. However, while winter is one of the best times of the year, the snow sometimes makes some day to day activities challenging. We all enjoy the glorious moments with friends and family, as the snow graces our lawns, pathways, roofs and more. The cold weather and accumulated snow call for warm conditions indoors.

Since the snow often covers most of the property, including pathways, patios, backyards and more, any savvy property owner is often inclined to seek proper solutions. This is why owning a proper Snowblower is an excellent recommendation for eliminating snow from your property. You can clear a pathway for your car to move, and the kids to go through as they head over to school. Life thus continues, and you don’t have to speed gruelling hours in the cold trying to shovel the snow. Plus, a snow removal company just presents extra charges and hassles for your property management needs.

The state snowplough may have cleared the public roads, but not your backyard, patio or even the driveway. Unfortunately, this is all your responsibility. With a fully-featured snowblower such as the Cub Cadet 524 SWE, you can be sure of a machine that offers reliable performance each time.

Why You Need a Snow Blower 

Do you need a snowblower for your property? Yes, absolutely, especially if you reside in areas that experience high levels of snow traffic. Without a snowblower, the only other remaining options are to get a shovel or perhaps invest in a snow removal company. Using a shovel to plough through thick snow might not be possible, especially with the below zero weather. More so, a removal company presents additional charges to your already stringent budget.

Therefore, with a good Snowblower, you can be sure of a reliable property management experience. The machine is easy to store, and it works well to clear your property from snow accumulation issues. The ideal snowblowers has useful features for snow removal and convenient storage as well. Spending hours shovelling snow can compromise your day to day schedule, and even poses a health risk. Yes, that`s right, shovelling during extremely temperatures increases your exposure to some health complications such as pneumonia.

Let’s get right into it! Why is the Cub Cadet 524 SWE snowblower is perfect? It’s a compact and powerful machine, with various key performance features. A reliable brand develops the tool, and it is powerful enough to suit different types of terrains.

What we really liked about this brand is that it has a unique design that is easy to use, regardless of our age or physical characteristics. The machine is sturdy without being overly heavy or cumbersome to move around. To give you a better idea of the performance features to expect, let’s evaluate some of the critical elements of the Cub Cadet 524 SWE Snowblower.

The Cub Cadet 524 SWE is in many ways one of the best snow blowers in its class. From the price, the unique design features and the unrivalled performance, snow removal has never been this easy. Thinks of this snowblower in the same way as simple to use like a lawnmower. However, unlike a lawnmower, this unit even has self-propelled design functions for ease of use. The key features of this machine include:

  • 208 cc Four-Cycle Engine  

The ideal snowblower is simple to use, regardless of the amount of storage times. Some brands tend to suffer from cold start issues, especially when the temperatures hit below zero during the winter times. More so, a suitable snow blower comes with a powerful motor that is energy efficient and produces a relatively small amount of emissions.

The four-cycle engine on this unit is as powerful as you can ever expect from a good snow blower machine. It also has a convenient electronic start feature, that makes it comfortable for various outdoor applications. Furthermore, the machine comes with a unique throttle control function. The unique throttle function lets you put the machine in idle function, which is not easy with most snowblower machines.

The other important aspect of the engine on this unit is that it features a choke function, ensures the machine starts with just one strong. Thus, you can be sure that the snowblower will start fast, even early in the morning when you least expect it to.

  • Posi Steer 

To make things even much better, this unit also comes with a power steering function, that makes snow removal a breeze. Many snow blowers of this type come with solid axles, which tend to be tough on the hands. That said, this unit comes with a fully steered system, which means that you can easily direct it to a convenient sport for snow removal. The process is all done with a comfortable and straightforward to use trigger functionality, that is found under the handle. Maintenance is also easy because the steering belt is well-positioned and durable as well.

  • Gearing and Chute Rotation 

The gears are also essential components of the ideal snowblower. Equipped with no fewer than six forward gears, this unit is suitable for working at your own pace when you want to clear the snow. Regardless of the depth of the snowfall, the gears are powerful and enhance the performance ability of the powerful motor. It also comes with two convenient reverse gears, which let you change the direction of your machine with just a convenient flick of a switch.

As far as chute rotation goes, you should be aware that the performance of the chute in any high-quality snowblower. Thus, the chute on this unit is versatile and provides optimal space for the release of removed snow. Plus, the chute is also simple to customize thanks to the inclusion of easy to use controls. The controls make let you adjust components such as the dimension of the chute.

  • 24-inch Clearing Path 

Choosing a snowblower that provides a wide clearing path is important because it determines your ability to work efficiently. A large clearing path, lets you cut down your work time, and without adding unnecessary weight to the physical structure of the snowblower.

This might be the norm when it comes to choosing the conventional snow blowers in the category. But the fact is that it provides you with more than sufficient clearance for clearing up the snow. Such a spacious snowblower design is ideal for driveways and extensive pathways. Mores, it can also be used in the outer sections of your home and can guarantee exceptional results. The inclusion of the 15 x 5 tires is also suitable for various types of surface. Thus, you won’t face any trouble when it comes to clearing your lawn, regardless of the time of day.

  • Skid Shoes and Headlights 

Even more, the unique skid shoes on this unit are some of the best brands on the consumer market. These shoes are designed to provide exceptional life spans and ease of use as well. More so, the boots are entirely reversible to provide optimal versatility, and you can also expect a rust-resistant solution for your needs. The unique skid shoes also offer natural movement and effortless operation regardless of the outdoor conditions.

As for as the headlights go, there is nothing worse than having to get o a cold dark morning, knowing that you have to clear the snow with a snowblower with no lights. For this reason, the Cub Cadet 524 SWE comes with distinctive headlights in the fairing. This way, you can easily see the path ahead of you, thus reducing your working time and making it a convenient process as well.

Features When Buying the Ideal Snow Blower

Before investing in a snowblower, you will benefit by conducting some basic background research. As we usually do, we evaluate the performance of a snow blower based on some various key design factors. Among some of the top design features we considered when choosing this snowblower include:

  • Variable Speed Control

If you don’t want to push a 250-pound snowblower around, especially if you have a large lawn, then owning a self-propelled brand is ideal. More so, such a unique design is beneficial if your driveway has a slope to it. Even though most snow blowers come with at least one speed, you should also consider the brands with several speeds.

The multiple speeds make it easy to tackle the snow in relation to your outdoor conditions. For the light snowfalls, especially during the early stages of winter, you can cut through the snow rather fast. However, with the thick snow, you will have to slow down and provide your blower with additional time to discharge. Such a function helps to prevent any issues that can clog the functionality of the snowblower.

  • Electric Start 

The gas-powered machines start through the use of a pull cord or recoil start. However, these machines are sometimes prone to various starting issues, especially during sub-zero temperatures. As such, a popular feature is to be able to start your snowblower through the use of an electric starter.

The electric starter lets you plug the machine into an outlet, and without issues such as cold starts.

Even more, there various benefits of using the electric start button function. The electronic start feature helps to improve the life of your pull cord because it does not have to work as much.

  • Discharge Chute Controls 

The ability to regulate the dump zone of the snow is perhaps one of the essential components of a suitable snowblower. The conventional snow blower inclined users to manually adjust the direction of the chute to a specific direction. That said, the newer brands come with convenient joystick controls, that let you adjust the course of the chute to suit your needs.

You also have to note that these features tend to be different in relation to the given brand. Thus, you want to ensure that the controls are easy to access, even as you maintain control of the snowblower with one hand. Also, consider evaluating how the snowblower handles even when you have gloves on. The convenient controls help to speed up the removal process and ensure that you can direct the snow to your preferred direction.

  • Single-Handed Controls and Power Steering 

In the two-stage and three-stage snow blowers, you might come across a lever that regulates the functionality of the wheels and the auger. That said, the issue with such a feature is that it leaves you with no free hand to customize the functionality of the chute. Other brands come with single-handed operation features, which provide ease of use.

If you have to invest in a large snowblower, you might have to put in a lot of effort when moving around. With power steering, you can easily adjust the performance of the snowblower to suit your needs.

Summing it All Up 

Based on all the critical factors of a good snowblower, the Cubcadet 524 SWE definitely meets various notable performance. The Snowblower comes with a unique chute design, and simple to start electric start function. This best machine for snow removal makes it easy to wake up to a busy winter early morning. It starts up fast, and without the need for techniques such as engine priming.

More so, the snowblower takes up a small amount of space, thus making it ideal for small areas such as the garage. Thanks to the unique Unibody frame, you can also be sure of a unique machine that consists of a relatively small number of components. The 208-cc engine included along with the machine is powerful, and reliable for myriad power supply applications. The snowblower also has ergonomic handles and a self-propelling structure for enhanced user convenience.