4 Cordless Electric Snow Blower Reviewed by Experts

Goodbye to the fall and summer seasons of the year. Say hello to winter. Imagine this. As you look out of the window on a cold dark night or morning, you realize it has been snowing. Thick, heavy, wet snow and guess what? Your driveways, walkways and the car are covered in a thick blanket of snow? Sounds familiar? Do you wish you had a magic solution that would help you eliminate the snow from your property?

Sure. Unfortunately, there are no magic solutions in this world, and you will just have to make informed decisions. For this reason, a cordless electric snow blower will dig you out, and help you clear the snow. This is an exceptional snow remover tool that works exceptionally well for various types of snow build up. It even has a push broom design that can eliminate inches of snow and with extraordinary results.

Components of A Snow Blow

Depending on whether it’s a single or two-stage snow blower, expect to come across the following elements:

  • Auger – this is a spiral metal, with a corkscrew shape that rotates at the front section. The rotating motion helps to break down and remove snow. The auger in single-stage machines also helps to discharge the snow with just a single swoop. More so, the auger of a two-stage snow blower is also dedicated solely for collecting snow and redirecting it to the center section. Then, the impeller works to discharge the snow.

  • Impeller – otherwise referred to as the turbine, this component is the second aspect of a dual-stage snowblower. It sits behind the auger and is responsible for grabbing snow and directing it to the chute.

  • Chute – the chute is a chimney-like structure, that exists behind the casing of the auger. It plays the role of directing the snow to a specific direction chosen by the user.

Basic Features of Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Buying a snow blower should be a pretty straightforward process, provided that you are well informed. Consider some of these key features:

  • Deadman control – the ideal snowblower features dead man control functionalities. This is an important safety feature that helps to regulate the functionality of the auger or impeller. 

  • Long handle – a long handle on a single-stage blower makes it easy to adjust the direction and height of the snow from the chute 

  • Electric start – a significant portion of the gas-powered brands are available with plug-in electric start functions. The electronic start feature is much more convenient than pulling a cord in cold weather. Furthermore, it also helps to improve the lifespan of the pull cord, which becomes a secondary start feature. 

  • Headlight – a good headlight helps to illuminate the path ahead, thus improving your ability to remove snow. More importantly, the lights should be well-positioned to provide high-quality light 

  • Speeds – a significant portion of snow blowers feature four to six forward speeds. Also, you can expect one or two reverse speeds. The ideal choice of speeds helps to stop clogs as you move through the dense snow. 

  • Trigger – A handlebar-mounted trigger release on the multistage models helps to reduce the need for steering by disengaging the power to one or both wheels 

  • Discharge shoot control – the inclusion of joystick controls makes it easy to adjust the horizontal or vertical direction of the discharge chute with the simple push of a lever. Such a unique feature makes it convenient to adjust the chute control but can be challenging to use if you have gloves. Most high-end snow blowers come with easy turn crank controls, which you can customize by hand. 

What You Need to Keep the Blower Running

Even a well-maintained machine is prone to mechanical complications every once in a while. Thus, maintain a set of these items handy to ensure optimal machine functionality

  • Belts – you might need one drive belt, particularly for the single or two-stage models 

  • Shear spins – these are found on the two-stage models and help to protect the functionality of the transmission and engine. They function by breaking if the auger hits hard items such as stones. 

  • Fuel stabilizer – while sometimes winter season extends for more than we had hoped for, it only occurs once a year. That said, if the machine sits idle, the gasoline in the tank and fuel lines might compromise the performance of the machine. Introducing a stabilizer to the fuel can help to control the procedure.  

Top ​4 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Kobalt 40-Volt 12-in Single-Stage Cordless Electric Snow Blower (Battery Included) 

kobalt cordless electric snow blower

No more hassles for you again this winter. The Kobalt 40-volt single-stage electric snow blower is the perfect solution for your needs. This single-stage 40-volt cordless snow shovel works to quickly clear sidewalks, patios and more. More so, it also features a hassle-free push-button start, that makes it a highly convenient solution for your needs. Plus, the inclusion of the unique lithium-ion technology means that you will enjoy improved torque and speed with fewer recharges expected.

This unit also delivers an exceptional 12-inch clearing path to make it ideal for fast snow removal procedures. The Kobalt brand has also done well to ensure that this unit provides optimal power efficiency. Thus, you can work the machine for several minutes with affecting its overall performance.


  • Single-stage snow shovel – such a unique electric shovel design offers ease of maintenance and power efficiency

  • Push-button start function – unlike the inefficient pull start cord function, the electric start button is much more convenient

  • Lithium-ion battery – the powerful lithium-ion battery provides reliable power supply for various for demanding removal sessions


  • Produces noise with time – the motor might produce some sound when used for extensive durations

  • The wheels are not all-terrain – the machine might also benefit from all-terrain wheels which are also durable

Snow Joe SJ618E 18″ 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower

snow joe sj618e

Equip your home with the Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Snow Blower that is both effective and efficient at the same time. This is a large electric snow thrower hat provides the power of a gas machine, and with the convenience of an electric unit. Featuring a powerful 13 amp motor the SJ618E can move as much as 500lbs of snow each minute. Besides that, this unit has a durable and two blade abrasion resistant blade, that cuts deep swaths with each pass. Aside from its hard-working plowing ability, this unit has adjustable discharge chute that can rotate 180 degrees.

Thus, you will enjoy full control over the direction of the snow stream. More so, the chute deflector is also simple to adjust, to regulate the height of the snow stream to suit your needs. The smooth glide all-terrain wheels make this unit simple to turn and to maneuver with each pass. Also included is a scraper blade on the base, which works effectively to clear the ground. As one of the best cordless electric snow blowers, this Sunjoe blower is highly efficient in power consumption.


  • Versatile snowblower – this unit is dynamic and suitable for quick snow picks on driveways, walkways and more

  • Maintenance-free – the snowblower offers maintenance-free performance and no gas, oil or tuneups required

  • Power engine – the 13-amp motor can move an exceptional 500lbs of snow with each minute


  • Manually adjustable chute – some users prefer snow blowers that come with motor adjusted chutes

  • The handles are not ergonomic – the handles should also be ergonomic to provide enhanced user comfort

Snow Joe 24V-SS10 Cordless Snow Shovel | 24-Volt | 10-Inch | 4-Ah 

snow joe 24v-ss10 cordless snow shovel

When it comes to snow removal, the Snow Joe 24V-SS10 Snow Shovel is an excellent place for you to start. Featuring a powerful 24-volt lithium-ion battery system, this unit is a reliable addition to your property management needs. It can deliver as much as 25 minutes of battery runtime, which makes it ideal for clearing a patio, steps, the sidewalk, and more. Besides that, the 24V-SS10 can also blast through large collections of snow, and the dual handle design reduces the need for straining or bending.

This way, you will experience optimal user comfort, to take your snow removal performance to the next level. Furthermore, the versatile design of this unit means that it’s a quick, ease, and cord-free addition to your home. The Eco Sharp technology, means that the engine maintains optimal performance throughout. It also has a high impact blade and can throw snow up to 20 feet away.


  • Robust power supply – this unit features a 24V Ion 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery and can provide as much as 25 minutes of run time

  • High impact blade and paddle – the snowblower also features a durable blade and paddle for enhanced snowblower performance

  • Maintenance-free snowblower – this unit features no pull cords, oil and will require no tuneups thus making it convenient


  • Take time to assemble – you might have to spend a few minutes setting up this unit correctly

  • Non temperature resistant blades – most users appreciate blades with temperature resistant materials

Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow Shovel, Brushless Motor 

earthwise sn74016

The Earthwise SN74016 Cordless Snow Shovel is an excellent solution for your unique snow removal needs. Featuring a powerful and efficient brushless motor, this unit can move as much as 300lbs of snow in one minute. Furthermore, this unit also has an exceptional clearing width of 16 inches, and 32 feet throwing distance. The Earthwise brand has also done well to include robust wheels, which make this unit simple to use and to transport.

More so, the temperature-resistant dual blade auger, with the adjustable chute makes the shovel a practical addition for most types of snow removal. The Snow Shovel can also quickly tackle snow jobs around the house, including locations such as walkways, steps, decks and more. Featuring unique rear wheels, this unit offers ease of operation for various types of terrain. Best of all, the entire set comes with many components, including temperature resistant handles, brushless motor, charger, and more.


  • Powerful brushless motor – this features a powerful and efficient motor that can move as much as 300lbs of snow each minute

  • Equipped with 6-inch rear wheels – the large six-inch rear wheels make the cordless snow blower simple to transport

  • Temperature resistant blade – the blade on this unit is resistant to temperature changes and suitable for intensive snow removal sessions


  • Heavy for some users – some users find this unit somewhat heavy and can lead to issues during transportation

  • The wheels get tangled with grass – keep clear of areas with high occurrences of grass which might compromise its mobility


Even if winter is around the corner, you will save lots of money by avoiding snow removal services. In this case, the best option for your needs will be a cordless electric snowblower. Equipped with a powerful auger, impeller, and multi-directional chute, you are sure of a reliable snow removal solution for your needs. Unlike the shovels, the snowblower removes snow with exceptional levels of efficiency and can suit different types of snow. Furthermore, specific models such as the Snow Joe 24V-SS10 and the Snow Joe SJ618E, are perfect for all kinds of users – including people with back problems. Therefore, owning a suitable snowblower is essential if you live in areas that experience winter each year.