10 Best Electric Snow Shovel Reviews This Winter

Winter is almost with us and if the weather forecasts are anything to go by we can expect that snowfall will be rather heavy this year. Your patio, walkways and other parts of your yard will need to be shoveled on a regular basis.

Using a plain shovel can get the job done, but it is back-breaking, time consuming work. Luckily for you, there are electric snow ​thrower available in the market that can get the job done much faster and with little effort.

An electric snow shovel is a tool that is plugged into an outlet (or battery powered) and then run over snow. It is fitted with an auger that throws snows to the left or right or in front of you leaving your walkways, stairs, decks and patio clear.

What is the difference between an electric snow blower and an electric snow shovel?

This is an excellent question – if you already have a snow blower why should you spend money on a snow ​thrower? There are a couple of reasons why an electric snow ​pusher is such a good idea. The first is that it is designed for use in small spaces.

If you have ever tried to use an electric snow blower on a deck or patio you know just how difficult it can be to get it in place. These machines tend to be bigger and heavier than snow shovels, and even if you succeed in getting them in place you may not get to all the snow.

Another difference between snow blowers and snow shovels is that snow shovels are smaller and therefore do not require that much room to store. Some even come with handles that can be folded in so that they can be stashed away easily. In addition to that, snow shovels also require little or no maintenance unlike electric snow blowers. If you don’t have a big yard and a long driveway you will be better served by an electric snow ​thrower.

A glance at 10 of the best electric snow shovels in the market


​Width and Weight


​Amazon Rating


​18 inches,

15 lbs

​2 years


​13 inches,

14.5 lbs

​2 years


​12 inches,

14 lbs

​4 years


​13 inches,

13.8 lbs

​2 years


​14 inches,

16 lbs

​2 years


​16 inches,

19 lbs

​2 years


​11 inches,

13.8 lbs

​2 years


​12 inches,

12.5 lbs

​2 years


​16 inches,

26 lbs

​4 years


​10 inches,

11 lbs

​2 years


The benefits of owning an electric snow shovel

It may seem obvious that if someone wants to clear a large amount of snow the best tool to use is a snow blower – they have more powerful engines and they work faster. While that may be true, snow blowers are designed to work on long driveways. If you have a smaller property and you buy a snow blower instead of a ​snow pusher you will experience several inconveniences, the first being that it will not get to those hard to reach places. If, for example, you want to clear snow off a small deck a snow blower just won’t get the job done – it may get rid of the snow that is right in the middle, but it will not clear snow off the edges of the deck. There are other benefits to investing in a ​snow pusher:

  • As mentioned earlier, this tool is designed to be easily stored – most will not take up more than 2 square feet. Since they are designed to use on smaller properties the general assumption is that you don’t have much storage space, so snow shovels tend to come in smaller, sleeker models than snow blowers. While a blower will take up a lot of room in your garage a snow shovel can be tucked away somewhere in the corner.

  • Snow shovels are light – most of them weigh less than 15 pounds, which means that anyone in the home can use them. The main component of a snow shovel is the auger, which is designed to supply forward propulsion, so you don’t have to push very hard to get your shovel going. The best ones, like the ones featured in this article, are also easy to maneuver. Even if you are not very strong you can still clear snow on your patio and walkway and you will not end up with stiff arms and aching muscles. Electric snow shovels come especially recommended for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

  • Compared to snow blowers snow shovels are very easy to use – you don’t need to have mechanical aptitude to be able to drive a snow shovel through your front lawn. Better yet, they require no maintenance as they come with very few moving parts.

  • ​Electric snow blowers do not require gasoline which is expensive, can be messy, smelly and leaves a carbon footprint.

  • ​Many people choose snow shovels instead of snow blowers because for a small budget you can get a very good one that will last a long time. The fact that they require almost no maintenance and don’t require gasoline lowers their cost even further.

What should you take into account when shopping for an electric snow shovel?

When shopping for an electric snow shovel you will come across many different brands which can be confusing – how do you know which one will get the job done? The answer is simple; consider your needs as well as the features of the snow shovel that you have in mind to help you make the best choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:


It is very important to look at the amperage on any electric snow shovel that you have in mind. Most homes have breaker boxes that are designed to take about 16 amps before they blow, so if you buy a snow shovel that has high amperage you will be forced to disconnect other electrical appliances every time you run it. Fortunately, the best ones are usually between 8 and 10 amps. It is important to mention that this is why some people prefer to buy snow shovels instead of snow blowers, most of which come in at over 15 amps. That said, you shouldn’t buy a snow shovel with very low amperage as this affects performance – it will not be able to cut as wide or go as deep, which means you have to work harder to clear snow.

Intake height

This is the depth of snow that the snow shovel takes in at one sweep. If you live in an area that has heavy snow fall you are better off with a snow shovel that has a significant intake height. If, for example, you buy one that can only cut 4 inches at a time and you get snowfall that leaves 6 inches on your walkway or patio you will have to run the snow shovel twice before you can get the area cleared. Not a pleasant task when you consider that all the while you will be in freezing conditions.

Clearing width

Clearing width is the width of the auger of the snow shovel – the bigger it is, the more snow you are able to get in one sweep. This translates into less time spent shoveling away snow. However, you should be careful not to buy a snow shovel that is wider than necessary – it will be very hard to run it in narrow areas and corners.

Power drive in the auger

The auger is the blade inside the snow shovel that cuts the snow and throws it either forwards or sideways. In order for it to do this it has to be powered. If your snow shovel comes with a good power drive you need to do very little work, but if you buy one that doesn’t have a power drive you will have to supply all the power yourself – back breaking work that you would rather avoid.


The cheaper an electric snow shovel is, the fewer the accessories it will have. While accessories are not a must have they are great to have. They include things like LED lights which make it easy to clear snow in the dark, heated handles to stop your fingers from freezing, auxiliary handles for easier maneuverability,  a locking mechanism for the extension cord and more.


The snowfall in your area

While a snow shovel is an excellent tool to have, if you get more than average snow falls it can be quite inept – it will take a lot of work to clear your driveway. You may want to invest in a snow blower instead.

An In-depth look into the top electric snow shovels of 2018

1. Mantis IM8120 Snow Thrower

​This one is a heavy weight of snow shovels – in fact it has aptly been described as a snow thrower, partly due to its clearance capacity and powerful motor.

Top Features :

  • ​Lightweight but powerful.

  • ​Can clear 13 inches of snow across and 12 inches deep.

  • ​It has wheels.


  • This is an excellent snow shovel for people who want to clear a wide, long driveway or big patio.

  • It has a chute that can throw snow in any direction you want.

  • It requires very little effort to operate.

  • It can fold away for easy storage.

  • It is affordable.


  • Some people do not like the fact that the auger is made of plastic, not metal.

2. Snow Joe iON13SS Cordless Snow Shovel

This is definitely a great tool for clearing snow if you have a large driveway. It is quite sturdy and will last a long time, and the best thing about it is that it is pocket-friendly.

Top Features :

  • ​It is cordless, which allows you to use it away from a power source.

  • ​It comes with double auger blades.

  • ​No emissions – great for the environment friendly home.


  • The lithium battery is rechargeable, and if you like you can buy a backup.

  • It can throw snow up to 25 feet.

  • It is a quiet machine – no more waking your neighbors up with a loud snow blower.

  • It is light, making it easy to move around.


  • Some assembly is required and the manual isn’t very clear.

  • Its height makes it uncomfortable for short people to use.

  • It doesn’t come with wheels – you have to carry it everywhere.

Bottom line :

Snow Joe is one of the leading manufacturers of snow shovels and this one is definitely one of their best. It may be a bit expensive but it is designed to last and requires very little, if any, maintenance.

3. GreenWorks 2600802 Corded Snow Shovel

Top Features :
  • ​It is lightweight.

  • ​It can shovel 13 inches across and 5 inches deep.

  • ​It comes with a start button – no cords.


  • Its ease of use makes it perfect for the elderly, children and those who aren’t very strong.

  • It shoots snow rather far effectively clearing up an area in a short time.

  • It is affordable.

  • It can easily be lifted and it stashes away nicely.

  • Very easy to assemble.


  • The cord could be a bit longer to allow for more clearing.

  • It becomes a bit hard to maneuver when you are working on an uneven surface.

  • If you snow on a windy day the snow will be blown in your direction.

Bottom line :

This is another excellent snow shovel especially considering its price. However, don’t expect it to do a very good job if you want to clear very deep snow – you will have to run it over the area several times.

4. Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel

Top features :
  • ​It is one of the best snow shovels for fast shoveling.

  • ​It has a 10 amp motor.

  • ​It comes with a 2-blade auger.

  • ​It has an adjustable handle.


  • This snow shovel can cut 13 inches across and 6 inches deep.

  • It is easy to use for people of different heights.

  • You start it with the simple push of a button.


  • It doesn’t come with an LED light, which makes it hard to use in the dark.

  • On windy days it blows snow back at you.

  • The throw angle is fixed.

  • At more than 8 inches of snow this shovel is not very effective.

  • The auger is made of plastic and can crack if there are large stones in the way.

Bottom line :

Again, this is an excellent tool to have when you consider what it can do, and that it doesn’t cost you that much. Don’t let the plastic auger scare you – many people are able to use it with perfect ease.

5. Earthwise SN74014 40V Electric Snow Shovel, 14″ Cordless

Top features :
  • ​You can clear 14 inches across and 8 inches deep.

  • ​It can throw snow up to 32 ft.

  • ​No need for electric cord as it uses battery – battery and charger included in purchase.


  • This electric snow shovel weighs only 16 pounds so most people are able to operate it with ease.

  • It comes with wheels for easy maneuverability.

  • It only takes a short time to assemble.

  • The snow shovel has a sturdy build despite its low cost.


  • The battery makes the top heavy and the shovel tips over – you have to hold it the whole time you are using it.

  • The plastic scrapper touches the ground and will eventually wear off.

  • If you want to do lots of shoveling it is best to buy a backup battery.

Bottom line

Some people have described this snow shovel as looking girly, but do not be deceived – for how much it costs it does an excellent job and it will last a while.


There is no need to invest in a heavy duty snow thrower when you can easily get your yard cleared using an electric snow shovel – its smaller, easier to use and can clear snow in places where a blower cannot. Electric snow shovels are also cheaper but they do an excellent job.