Best Avalanche Roof Rake Review

Roof rakes are highly useful devices that are used to remove snow from different types of roofs and ensure that ice does not build up at the edges.

But, does one really need a roof rake?

The answer is, yes. If too much snow builds up on the roof, it could cause leaks, or worse, damage your home. Plus, it can lead to the formation of ice dams, which also pose a threat.

Roof rakes are one of the best ways to keep your roof safe from piles of snow. These devices are very easy to use and store but can be a little difficult to purchase due to the huge number of options out there.

If this is your first time purchasing a roof rake then it’s best to go for an Avalanche roof rake. The company is known to produce high quality and reliable products. Let’s know more:

What to Consider Before Buying An Avalanche Roof Rake

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on a roof rake product:

Roof Rake Material

Roof rakes are commonly made up of three materials, aluminum, steel, and wood. The best option is an aluminum roof rake because it’s lightweight and does not corrode.

Does It Have Wheels?

Wheels prevent the roof from damage while you’re scraping away snow, so it’s advisable to find a roof rake with wheels.

Length and Extensions

At times, you might need to reach places that require a longer handle. The best option is to find a roof rake that offers a suitable handle length, however, buying one with extensions can be quite useful as well.

​Top 3 Avalanche Roof Rake Comparison Chart






9.26 lbs.

48 × 7.5 × 4.25 in.

1.5 in.

Fiberglass, 16 ft.

9.3 lbs.

48 × 7 × 4.5 in.

3 in.

Fiberglass, 16 ft.

10.75 lbs.

48 × 7.5 × 4.5 in.

1.5 in./3 in.

Fiberglass, 16 ft.

1. Avalanche! Original 500

avalanche snow removal

The Avalanche! Original 500 is designed specifically for asphalt shingle roofs and can remove almost one ton of snow in a minute.

The device features a cutter frame with patented design and 1.5-inch wheels that protect the roof and lower the chance of ice dams. The plastic side portion of the roof rake is 17 inches by 12 feet and the lightweight handle is 16 feet and made from fiberglass.

The entire product is divided into four sections and the parts can be easily assembled by snapping them together. The snap coupler system makes handle storage easy as well.

Its long, lightweight, and easy to hold wide handle makes it effortless to remove snow from all the areas, including roof peaks and extra high ledges.


  • Easy removal system

  • Allows access to hard to reach areas

  • Simple assembly and storage

  • Wheels protect the roof


  • Slightly heavier than other roof rakes on the market

  • Not suitable for very deep snow on the roof

2. Avalanche! Original 750

avalanch snow rake

The Avalanche! Original 750 is much like the Original 500, except this device is made to clean snow from tile, metal, cedar shake, and solar panel roofs. The other major difference, of course, is the slightly higher price tag.

The Avalanche! Original 750 has 3-inch wheels with its cutter frame design, whereas the Avalanche! Original 500 features smaller wheels.

This Avalanche roof rake also offers easy assembly where you simply need to snap each part together. The plastic slide and handle have the same dimensions and are made from the same materials as the Avalanche! Original 500.

This product is also slightly heavier due to being wider.


  • Suitable for various roof types

  • Easy removal system removes a ton of snow per minute

  • Allows access to hard to reach areas

  • Simple assembly and storage


  • More expensive than the Avalanche! Original 500 roof rake

3. Avalanche! Combo Head Package 1000

roof snow removal tool

The Avalanche! Combo Head Package 1000 consists of two products in a single kit. Buying this combo will save you money as buying the two products separately can be an expensive deal.

The kit includes two effective tools – the SnowRake Deluxe and the Avalanche! Original 500. They work very well together to clear snow from hard to reach places.

The Avalanche! Original 500 helps you maintain a snow-free roof, while the SnowRake is the best tool to prevent ice dams.

The SnowRake Deluxe features a 24-inch wide head and a 20 feet long handle divided into five sections. The durable plastic construction of the device makes sure you have a sturdy, easy-to-use tool for keeping the edges of your roof clear of any snow.

The SnowRake also has wheels built into the device to protect your roof. This Avalanche! product is not only very effective, but it’s also convenient due to its lightweight design.

The package also includes a universal adapter needed for the SnowRake Deluxe Head. However, it’s important to note that the device comes only with fiberglass poles.


  • The perfect combination of devices for hard to reach places

  • A great buy that allows you to save money

  • Easy to assemble

  • SnowRake Deluxe is lightweight and convenient


  • The connector is of poor quality

  • The pole could use a bend for easier access

Which Avalanche Roof Rake Is Best for You?

Your specific requirements and budget will decide which Avalanche! roof rake will suit you the best. If you need a simple tool for keeping your roof clear of snow, then Avalanche! 500 can be a good pick. It offers great value for money.

On the other hand, if you are searching for a heavy-duty device, then the Combo Head Package 1000 might be the perfect fit. Either way, an Avalanche! roof rake product won’t disappoint you.