Ariens Classic 24 Review

Imagine waking up in the morning to an ultra-cold morning to find that your kids can’t get to the bus because of the heaps of snow on your driveway. Imagine getting ready to go work in the morning, only to realize that the snow on your patio will mess up your three-piece suit.

What is the option for you in this case? Get the kids back inside, remove your three-piece suit, start shoveling, or wait for a professional removal service. However, while both of these are options, they are not effective, and we recommend that you go for a snowblower.

“Why do I need a snowblower?” you may ask. Well, there are various reasons as to why you need one for the incoming winter season. Read this Ariens Classic 24 Review to help get you started.

Features Of Ariens Classic 24

Powerful 208cc Snow Engine

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this unit is that it has a powerful engine that operates heavy-duty steel augers efficiently. The powerful engine also provides exceptional fuel efficiency benefits to make it perfect for a whole season of snow blowing activities. To make things easy, you will be pleased to know that this engine does not start with a conventional pull cord mechanism. The engine is strong and efficient, whereby it can provide well over 9.5-foot pounds of torque force for moving snow.

How is this possible exactly?

Well, the Ariens brand has done well to include a convenient electric start mechanism to make things convenient for users. In the past, most, if not all, snowblowers came with a pull cord mechanism, which was tough on the back and not easy to use. That said, the advent of the electric start function has taken things to a whole new level. The convenient push-button start mechanism offers ease of use, even in the most extreme temperature levels.

Remote Chute Rotation and Cap Adjustment

The design construction of the chute is also crucial in the functionality of your chosen snowblower, as it determines the effectiveness of the machine. You can expect a high-quality chute when you have the Ariens Classic 24. Thanks to the convenient 2.5x quick turn chute, you have a powerful snowblower for your needs. It can also provide an exceptional 205° of rotation, ensuring the snow drops at the right place. These are both highly convenient features that you won’t necessarily find on a conventional snowblower.

Heavy Duty Construction

Nothing is better than when you have a powerful snowblower in a rugged and heavy-duty encasing. You are likely to be storing the snowblower in the garage shed, or perhaps use it outdoors where it’s exposed to the elements. In this case, the ideal solution for you would be to go for a heavy duty snowblower which you can use effectively outdoors.

Thus, this is why the Ariens Classic 24 Snowblower would be a good recommendation for your needs. It has a cast iron gear case, which makes it exceptionally durable – perfect for the rugged outdoors’ demands. To make things better, durability breathes all around this unit to ensure several years of reliable performance. These include the handlebars, the housing, serrated auger, and all steel robust construction. You are sure they will last for many decades.

Compact and User-Friendly Design

You will also be pleased to know that this unit is simple, durable, sturdy, and affordable. It comes with a top-loaded aluminum gear case, which works well to prevent oil leakage complications. Furthermore, this unit might be compact, but it’s sturdy and reliable for various conditions. The snowblower even has a rugger all-steel housing, which ensures you can use it for many years reliably.

While you may not necessarily be able to carry the snowblower on your back, its what you can expect with all the remaining brands in this category. Thus, the best solution in this case is to go for a snowblower that has convenient features to make it simple to use in your space.

  • Comes with a powerful 208 cc snow engine

  • Has an electric start mechanism for convenient start-ups

  • The remote chute rotation offers ease of use

  • Can provide an exceptional 40ft throwing distance

  • Equipped with a self-propelled engine with six forward and two reverse speeds


  •  Not easy to start during the cold weather

  •  Could use heated handles

Buying a Snowblower Guide

There are various factors you have to consider when you want to buy a snowblower. Before recommending the Ariens Classic 24 snowblower, we evaluated the following factors:

Snowblower Stages

All snowblowers feature an auger which functions to scrape and remove snow from the ground. The machine then discharges the snow through a mechanism referred to as the chute. Usually, on single-stage blowers, you will come across a drill shaped mechanism referred to as the auger. It’s the components that are in motion and key in breaking down the snow.

The two-stage brands, such as the Ariens Classic 24, come with an impeller, helping direct snow out through a chute. More so, an impeller ensures the two-stage models can accumulate snow faster and send it farther away. The three-stage types feature an auger and impeller, along with a mechanism referred to as an accelerator. The role of this component is to help force the scraped snow out from the impeller. Also, these types are the most efficient when it comes to snow removal procedures.

Source of Power

A significant number of snowblowers feature gasoline engines, and these models are the most efficient. You will come across some that are corded, and most brands include long extension cords to make them convenient to use. However, the electric brands are not always powerful, and the gas models would be a much better option. A large number of battery-powered blowers are also available on the market. The only problem is that they don’t provide adequate power for snow removal.

Wheels vs. Tracks

Many snow blowers on the market have wheels because they are often heavy to carry around. For the single stage types, you may have to push or pull the snowblower, even it’s a wheel version. More so, the two or three-stage types such as the Troy Bilt 2410 are self-propelled machines.

These are ideal for people with physical issues such as back problems or using a convenient machine. Some brands even incorporate their machines with special tracks, similar to those you would find on military tracks. These types are suited for all kinds of terrains, including those with rocks, sand, and thick snow.

Resources You Need to Keep Your Blower Operating

Even a well-maintained blower is prone to wear and tear after a specific duration of time. Keep these additional resources handy to ensure your machine operates at optimal levels:

  • Belts – you may have to get a one drive belt, which works well with the single and two-stage snow blowers

  • Shear pins – these are components that protect the transmission and engine functionality by breaking the auger when it comes in contact with a hard item.

  • Fuel stabilizer – if you are using the snowblower each week, you won’t have to stow up until the spring season. If the machine sits idle, stale fuel issues are likely to compromise the fuel lines and fuel tank.

Buying A Snowblower Tips

Before settling on a specific snowblower brand, consider the following factors to ensure the best results:

1. Be Aware of The Basics

All snow blowers are prone to wear and tear, and you might have to perform maintenance procedures. For instance, the gas-powered and electric types vary significantly in terms of requirements, but both require maintenance. Remember to check components such as the spark plugs and air filters each year. Also, check aspects such as the air pressure, gas level, tire pressure, and condition of the system’s belts. For those who have the electric types, remember to check the power cords’ quality, as they are prone to damage.

2. Check for Loose Pins and Bolts

This type of snowblower vibrates significantly when in use, which might loosen components in the machine over time. Issues such as loose bolts and nuts should not necessarily be a problem you relate to consumer brands. It’s an issue you should be able to handle DIY with your toolbox. Get familiar with the basic components in the snowblower to identify any if it has a compromise in functionality. Before each use, ensure you twist all the bolts and tighten them if you notice any loose mechanisms. If you start your machine when it’s not fully tightened, it might further damage other components.

3. Learn How to Unclog the Chute

The chute on your snowblower might become prone to clogging issues. Usually, it’s a problem that occurs when you have to power through thick amounts of snow. Yes, working around thick snow is not always easy. Remember to break down the heavy snow slowly, to give the machine adequate time to recover. Also, if you notice the chute is clogged, then switch off your machine entirely. Never stick your hands in the machine, and get a cleanout tool instead.

4. Remember to Clean the Blower After Each Session

Depending on the snow amount in your area, your machine is likely to be filled with snow after each session. If so, leaving it in such a state would be a good thing. Instead, it would be good if you clean it using the correct techniques. Any accumulation of snow might compromise the snowblower’s functionality the next time you want to start it. Get a long-handled brush, and use it to clean all the sections in the snowblower.

5. Know Your Tool – Consult the User Manual

There are guidelines for the specific brands of snowblowers that you have to use. The range of brands on the consumer market is diverse, and you have to consider all these features to ensure the best results. Before buying, remember to ensure your chosen snowblower is available with an instruction manual for ease of use.

Ariens Classic 24 Review – Final Thoughts

The snow should not be a complication for you when the winter season comes. No more backbreaking shoveling tasks for you, or having to struggle with a professional removal service. You have the option of getting the best snow blower on the market, and they are many. This guide has provided in-depth information on the Ariens Classic 24 snowblower, which is perfect for various snow removal applications. It’s easy to use, powerful, and highly convenient for use in dense snow. Plus, since it’s a gas engine, you can expect more of a punch when compared to using an electric type.